A review of PHD Virtual for Citrix XenServer

Backup is an essential component of any IT infrastructure and there are dozens of products on the market that provide backup, archive, e-discovery, deduplication, etc features for the vSphere and Windows OS market. However when it comes to Citrix XenServer there is a rather small following of backup software providers that integrate with their hypervisor.

Hyper-V | XenServer | vSphere

Update: this is out of date, needs to be updated for vSphere 5.1!   I took all of the pictures that David Davis took at Microsoft TechEd 2012 today comparing Microsoft Hyper-V 2012, Citrix XenServer 6.0, and vSphere (free) and vSphere Enterprise Plus. This is not meant to be an unbiased view, this is simply

What if Citrix XenServer was free?

What if Citrix XenServer was free?  Technically Citrix XenServer is already free, so is Hyper-V and so is vSphere, but these are all limited feature editions (marketing) and no large enterprise is deploying free editions of any of these for production workloads.  What I’m asking is what if Citrix XenServer Platinum edition was free?  Or