My BriForum 2014 Boston presentation on Identity Providers (IdP), SAML, and OAuth

I’ve had the opportunity to present at BriForum for a few years now and this year the location for BriForum was in Boston (instead of Chicago). The food was fantastic, the presenters were talented, and the audience was as large as ever. Thank you to the Madden’s (Brian and Jack) and TechTarget staff for everything!

Moving the needle on VDI

Perhaps you heard that last year, or the year before that, or the year before that…that it was going to be the “year of VDI”. The saying has become a joke among those in the desktop virtualization space. The high expectations of analysts, consultants, or the vendors who pimp their products has never reached the broad

Changing the DNS RR name for RDS 2012 Connection Broker HA

Perhaps you’ve configured RDS 2012 and are using the new Active/Active Connection Broker technology. Perhaps like me you selected a name during the HA configuration for DNS round robin name that you no longer want to use? If you attempt to edit the Deployment Properties you won’t be able to change this value. Well this

Why VDI projects fail

First, I’m using VDI as a catch all term in this post for all Desktop Virtualization choices…I despise the term VDI, but I’m using it here because it’s the term I hear from customers most. I wrote a post earlier this year that was quite popular, “How to Fail at VDI”. The first reason I