When it’s not user-centric software it’s called Enterprise software

I had an experience in the last couple weeks that really had me thinking about this. To generalize it so as not to expose the guilty…I was talking about a new product and before discussing how it worked, how it addressed the problem differently than existing products on the market, or any of the user interaction

Dealing with Information Overload

People who have made their career on technology know that trends, patterns, and best practices change nearly daily. My career is focused on virtualization and more specifically desktop virtualization techologies. But of course it’s technology so it can’t be just RDSH or VDI, nope it’s expanding to follow-me data solutions like Citrix ShareFile and VMware’s

The “Post-PC” Era is about the “Workspace”

I’ve heard a lot of discussion in the last two weeks since VMworld 2012 San Francisco about Horizon Suite, View, Horizon Data, etc… how they’ll be combined or replace each other, which one is the broker, blah blah blah..and what I can’t help but scream to myself is, “You’re missing the point!”. What I believe