The vSphere CPU Scheduler and VDI part 2

Today I saw that an updated version of a VMware whitepaper discussing the CPU scheduler in VMware ESX/vSphere was published, The CPU Scheduler in VMware vSphere 5.1. I have used the previous whitepaper written for ESX 4.1 in a few presentations I’ve given and I frequently reference it when discussing VDI/Server Hosted Virtual Desktop solutions

Upgrade of vCenter and vSphere 5.1 to 5.1a strangeness

I recently installed 2 new vSphere 5.1 hosts and deployed a new instance of vCenter 5.1 in our lab environment. Inevitably shortly thereafter VMware released version 5.1a to address some upgrade issues and to support View 5.1 on top of vSphere 5.1. KB article on this upgrade here. From VMware Update Manager I was able

High Availability – Citrix Machine Creation Services vs Provisioning Services

My blog post from last week on Machine Creation Services, Provisioning Services, and vSphere Content-Based Read Cache caused quite a few tweets back and forth between those in the Citrix community and I thought I’d continue our discussion with a tweet I posted last week, “PVS less highly available than MCS“. So what do I

VMware vSphere CBRC removes the need for Citrix Provisioning Services

I know this will be a sensitive topic among some Citrix folks…but I personally dislike the product (Citrix Provisioning Services). I dislike it because it’s not the most straightforward product, it’s had its share of challenges (E1000, vmxnet3 for example), and even with n+1 Provisioning Servers I’ve still seen bugs that crash the stream service,

Hyper-V | XenServer | vSphere

Update: this is out of date, needs to be updated for vSphere 5.1!   I took all of the pictures that David Davis took at Microsoft TechEd 2012 today comparing Microsoft Hyper-V 2012, Citrix XenServer 6.0, and vSphere (free) and vSphere Enterprise Plus. This is not meant to be an unbiased view, this is simply

The CPU scheduler and VDI

Something for those of you considering VDI to chew on. First start off with a good read about the vSphere CPU scheduler¬† and what you’ll learn is that CPU scheduling on a hypervisor is all about proportional share, not priority as is the case in unix/linux/windows. Quoting here from the whitepaper “when making scheduling decisions,