Citrix ShareFile StorageZone Controller logs

When troubleshooting issues with the Citrix ShareFile StorageZone Controller the first place to look will be on the Monitoring page of the StorageZone Controller configuration page. If there are items in red on that page I’d next recommend looking in the logs for more details information. The logs for the StorageZone Controller are located by

Moving the needle on VDI

Perhaps you heard that last year, or the year before that, or the year before that…that it was going to be the “year of VDI”. The saying has become a joke among those in the desktop virtualization space. The high expectations of analysts, consultants, or the vendors who pimp their products has never reached theĀ broad

Apps I use on my Mac

Updated 12/3/2012 I’ve found these lists useful when others have posted them, many times I discover an app I didn’t know about. Here is a list of apps that are installed on my Macbook Air, I’m not including what came with it. Alfred Aperture AppCleaner AppFresh BetterSnapTool Caffeine Calibre Citrix Kits To Go Citrix Receiver

RemotePC solves mobility needs…and you can deploy it tomorrow

Citrix RemotePC was released as part of Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 Feature Pack 1. RemotePC is the secure brokering of a physical endpoint (desktop or laptop) that is in your office (typically) via Citrix HDX technology. Much has been written already by some of my twitter friends: Think of it as GotoMyPC but

High Availability – Citrix Machine Creation Services vs Provisioning Services

My blog post from last week on Machine Creation Services, Provisioning Services, and vSphere Content-Based Read Cache caused quite a few tweets back and forth between those in the Citrix community and I thought I’d continue our discussion with a tweet I posted last week, “PVS less highly available than MCS“. So what do I

VMware vSphere CBRC removes the need for Citrix Provisioning Services

I know this will be a sensitive topic among some Citrix folks…but I personally dislike the product (Citrix Provisioning Services). I dislike it because it’s not the most straightforward product, it’s had its share of challenges (E1000, vmxnet3 for example), and even with n+1 Provisioning Servers I’ve still seen bugs that crash the stream service,