Local Storage and Desktop Virtualization

Why are so many people unwilling to challenge traditional buying patterns and instead use critical thinking to solve problems? First a joke…but one that I see all to often and not just related to this discussion but in all areas of life. Start with 5 monkeys locked in a cage. Hang a banana from the

The “Post-PC” Era is about the “Workspace”

I’ve heard a lot of discussion in the last two weeks since VMworld 2012 San Francisco about Horizon Suite, View, Horizon Data, etc… how they’ll be combined or replace each other, which one is the broker, blah blah blah..and what I can’t help but scream to myself is, “You’re missing the point!”. What I believe

VMware vSphere CBRC removes the need for Citrix Provisioning Services

I know this will be a sensitive topic among some Citrix folks…but I personally dislike the product (Citrix Provisioning Services). I dislike it because it’s not the most straightforward product, it’s had its share of challenges (E1000, vmxnet3 for example), and even with n+1 Provisioning Servers I’ve still seen bugs that crash the stream service,

Reasons to do Desktop Virtualization

There seem to be no lack of reasons not to do Desktop Virtualization and plenty of people on twitter can be found daily shooting holes in the solutions that make up this category so I thought I’d be different and talk about the reasons I’ve seen that organizations take on Desktop Virtualization, whether that be

The CPU scheduler and VDI

Something for those of you considering VDI to chew on. First start off with a good read about the vSphere CPU scheduler http://www.vmware.com/resources/techresources/10131 and what you’ll learn is that CPU scheduling on a hypervisor is all about proportional share, not priority as is the case in unix/linux/windows. Quoting here from the whitepaper “when making scheduling decisions,

My upcoming presentation at Citrix Summit and BriForum London

I’m excited an honored to be speaking this May at both Citrix Summit (partner conference prior to user conference – Synergy) and BriForum London.  My session at Citrix Summit is session SUM120 and it’s titled: “Flag on the VDI play; sure-fire warning signs of impending doom and how to mitigate”.  My session at BriForum London

How to fail at VDI

I’m so tired of wasting time with people that say they want to do Desktop Virtualization, have no business problem they’re trying to solve, want to do it for free, and think they have the skills to do their own pilot/implementation. Here’s some tips for those of you out there who fall into this category