‘Da lab

The company I work for has a showroom or lab that I’ve been putting together.  In the showroom we have:

  • Windows PC (plan on delivering multiple OS’s via PVS once I get time
  • Windows XP embedded thin clients (2 HP 5740’s, one with apps published into the desktop, one taking you straight to Web Interface site)
  • Wyse Xenith thin client
  • HP ThinOS (haven’t set it up yet)

Infrastructure being accessed in the lab include:

  • Citrix XenDesktop 5 including XenApp 6
  • AppSense
  • VMware View 4.5 (soon to be upgraded)
  • Citrix Netscaler (remote access)

Soon to buy:

  • Apple iPad 2
  • Motorola Xoom

What would you want to see?  We’ve thought about doing video out on a phone and connecting a bluetooth keyboard and mouse…essentially our own Atrix 🙂




3 thoughts on “‘Da lab

  1. I want to see AppSense enabling personalization with consistency from the view environment to the xendesktop environment and vice versa. Then I want to see how fast you can provision a new Windows7 desktop with either xendesktop and/or view, and how personalization is carried over to these new work environments.

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