Why a shared server desktop isn’t dead

in a word… $$money$$

The central theme in desktop virtualization is reducing the cost of desktop management and providing access anywhere/anytime to your applications and/or desktop.  The central reason that everyone isn’t doing this today is $$money$$…duh right?

When I say shared server desktop I’m referring to Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services, XenApp technologies – multiple users sharing a single instance of the operating system.  The number one alternative to this approach is VDI, hosted virtual deskop – a single user per instance of Windows XP or Windows 7 operating system.  What nobody will dispute is that for the same number of users it requires less hardware to do a shared server desktop than a hosted virtual desktop for each user.

Is a shared server desktop perfect?  No, of course not… does it in many cases provide an identical user experience to a hosted virtual desktop at a lower cost?  ABSOLUTELY!

Short post… but that’s the jist of why we keep talking about this… people care about COST…insane huh?  If we have 16 core processors and 1TB SSD drives next year this costs difference is minimized…but until I see that I’ll keep talking about this model, it solves IT and business problems, provides an exceptional user experience, and is cost effective.



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