My first few hours with the Motorola Xoom

We received a Motorola Xoom today for our Desktop Virtualization showroom and I’ve been using it all day.


  • Everything is very fast
  • Browsing with Flash
  • Better camera than iPad (need to take some more pics in daylight)
  • Great email, calendar, contacts client
  • Love the notification area
  • Multi-tasking is better than iPad, but sometimes a little confusing


  • Thicker than the iPad 2
  • Power button is in a completely retarded spot, I can’t get used to it, not sure if it’s because I’m so used to the iPad
  • Just like the iPad when it came out, very few apps are written for the tablet, therefore most apps suck on the Xoom
  • Screen brightness when set to automatic always seems a little dim

Would I trade my iPad 1 for it…tough choice…would I trade an iPad 2 for it…. no way.  Now the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks very very interesting…as most of my negatives are more hardware specific a different platform might make a huge difference in the above list.  The lack of apps that take advantage of the screen real estate is really disappointing.  Some of the apps are even more difficult to use on Xoom/Honeycomb than they are on my Android phone…go figure…Twitter clients suck on this thing.


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