Uh oh, MacBook pro flashing led

I went to wake my 15″ MacBook Pro tonight and was greeted by a black screen and the led on the front flashing 3 times in a row followed by a short delay, then 3 flashes again. Hmmmm…google to the rescue! According to the apple discussion forums this could be linked to a bad memory module….great. My mbp does have 8GB of ram that I bought online, I hope this is the problem…but I don’t really want to deal with trying to return it, glad I still have the original 4GB of ram that it came with. According to the message boards you can insert disc 2 that has the applications my Mac shipped with and reboot, before the gray screen comes up hold down the “d” key which brings up the apple hardware test utility. I selected the “perform extended testing” option which says it can increase the time it takes to complete… So far its on it’s first pass, doesn’t appear to be very far in and has been running for about 45 minutes now. Hope it done by morning! Glad my wife has a mbp…and I’m doing this post from my iPad!

UPDATE: The test ran for about an hour and 10 minutes against 8GB of RAM, only did 1 pass, no issues found.  Great…now what caused my issue in the first place?


5 thoughts on “Uh oh, MacBook pro flashing led

    1. Yes you are right. An an anti-virus program, anti-malware program, a computer nerd in the family or friend and probably some expensive software to replicate what you get on the mac for free. Sounds perfect. 🙂

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