BriForum 2011 Chicago

Well it’s official, I will be speaking during a mini-session (15 minutes) during BriForum 2011 in Chicago this year!  I’m very excited…not only to attend but to have my session accepted and be able to present.  My mini-session is “Delivering a Windows 7 experience on Windows 2008 R2”.  I haven’t had a whole lot of time to start outlining the presentation yet but the items I’ll cover will be: What is the “Windows 7” experience?  Why do we want the “Windows 7” experience?  How can I deliver a Windows 7 experience on a Windows 2008 R2 platform?  If you have any thoughts on what I should or should not cover in this session drop me an email at

Flight booked – check, hotel booked – check, registration – check, PRESENTATION – not even close

Well, time to drink a beer and start working.


5 thoughts on “BriForum 2011 Chicago

  1. Nice, you deserve this! Remember it’s all about the apps, which is the only reason we have a Windows 7 desktop experience.

    1. You are so right about the apps…I forget too! I’m putting this in my presentation. Who cares about the windows 7 experience really…we don’t do work with a desktop, we do it with apps.

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