Windows IS the problem, I want a divorce

Before you start foaming at the mouth let me explain myself.  My entire career has been built on Microsoft technologies, most of that being Windows…in fact my career on a daily basis still is built on Microsoft technologies, so I’m saying this from a place of love…but I’m upset with Microsoft.  I’m upset because as I look around at the technologies and devices I use on a daily basis I see that architecturally Windows has turned in to the AS400 of the IT world.  Windows is a solid platform that does many things very well, but they’re missing the big picture and still think they (Microsoft) have the best platform out there.  Left unchecked I feel like Windows will slip into the background…maybe we’d be better off, maybe not.

I saw an article the other day that said the next version of Apple OSX and IOS would be integrated as the same product.  My first reaction was are you fucking serious???…please don’t take the Macbook I love and make it an iPad, shit I’m going to have to go back to Windows!  Then I started thinking about the apps I use on a daily basis: Email, Evernote, Spotify, Web Browser, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Reeder, Twitter….and I realized, other than Microsoft Office products everything else is ALREADY on my iPad.  So what’s so great about the iPad?  For starters how many minor and major updates have I done on my iPad…quite a few… How impactful were those updates?  Did I have to make a plan, migrate data and settings, upgrade, migrate data and settings back?…hell no!  I’m not an iPad developer but the architecture appears to be one where OS, Applications, Settings, and Data were thought of up front and IOS was designed with that in mind.  Isn’t that what we want for desktops?  Isn’t that the layer cake we keep talking about in Desktop Virtualization?  Bingo.

Microsoft…please….please….please….start over, create a better architecture and design.  I’m sure the everything we have today was a good idea at some point…but maybe it isn’t anymore.  Help me fall back in love with Microsoft..or at a minimum Windows.


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