Don’t do Desktop Virtualization for the wrong reasons

Too often I still hear companies basing their desktop virtualization projects on the ROI of not replacing physical desktops.  This ROI rarely if ever works out.  Desktop Virtualization is about changing the management model of managing desktops and any ROI will come from the soft costs of less management and desktops that have a higher probability of working when the users need them.  Personally I think the best reasons to do Desktop Virtualization have nothing to do with saving money, but instead have everything to do with providing value to the business.  The items I’ve highlighted below can be gained by simply virtualizing the desktop, regardless of whether you significantly change the desktop management paradigm in your organization.  Personally, I don’t do many projects that aren’t done for specifically the reasons below…and if they save money on desktop management…cool, but not the primary driver.

  • faster provisioning
  • reduce costs to manage apps
  • stretch lifecycle
  • shorten downtime
  • support work from home
  • hardware agnostic
  • rapid on-boarding M&A
  • support OS migrations
  • allow users to repair themselves
  • manage disconnected endpoints
  • effectively manage branch infrastructure
  • rapid desktop dr
  • support hot desking
As I’ve said before, I don’t see anything wrong with persistent desktops.

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