The hardware and software that runs my life

In an earlier post here I outlined the applications I have installed on my Mac, I wanted to expand a little on the hardware and a few of the apps I use all of the time to keep my life running smoothly.

Hardware I use:

  • MacBook Air 13″ – Daily laptop, it’s what is always with me
  • MacBook Pro 15″ – Sits on my desk at home always on, runs Parallels and has Ubuntu, WIndows 7, WIndows 8 VM’s, does backups to the cloud using CrashPlan from data on my Synology DS1511+
  • iPad – Always with me
  • iPhone 4s – Always with me.  Is quickly becoming my defacto digital camera.
  • Synology DS1511+ – At home, houses all of my photo’s, movies, software, files, etc.  I backup the critical data on it using CrashPlan which is installed on my MBP 15″.  Synology has client software for my iPad and iPhone and a web interface which allow me remote access to the data stored here. Synology also has a video server for streaming photos and videos to my XBOX 360 and Samsung TV.

Software I use:

  • Evernote – All of my customer notes from meetings, internal company meetings, and a few personal notes like grocery lists, etc are all kept in Evernote.  I have Evernote clients on all of my devices and can get to any of this information pretty much anytime I want…or start taking notes on my iPad and change later to my MBA.  The downsides to the Evernote free edition that I use is that I can’t easily share information with other or collaborate on documents the same way I can in Google Docs, I guess if I was willing to pay for it I might use Google Docs a little less, but I’m cheap.
  • SugarSync – All of my local data on of my laptops or WIndows VM’s is replicated using this.  SugarSync is installed on each laptop and in each VM.  Since I can control what is replicated to which device I have granular control over what I want accessible where.  Also have SugarSync clients on my iPad and iPhone.
  • Office 2011 – Installed on both of my MacBook’s, it’s my primary productivity suite software I use, I don’t love it but it works most of the time.  Any data created is replicated via SugarSync.
  • Sonos – I have a Sonos system at home, if you don’t know what it is Google it.  I highly recommend it.  Music library is stored on my Synology although more and more I find myself just using Spotify.
  • Spotify – I have a paid subscription to Spotify and clients loaded on my MacBook’s and my iPhone.
  • Reeder – My RSS reader client, sync’s off of Google Reader, have the client on both MacBook’s, iPad, and iPhone.  Anytime I want to catch up on my feeds I’ve got it.
  • Twitter – I use the native twitter client on all of my devices, I’ve tried others and keep coming back
  • Air Video – Much of the video content I have isn’t in a format Apple devices like my Apple TV understand.  I have Air Video installed on my MacBook Pro at home that points to the Synology where the videos are stored.  I can launch the Air Video client on my iPad and Air Video server components on the MBP do a live conversion and stream the data to the iPad…then I can AirPlay to the Apple TV.
  • LastPass – I keep all of my password, both work and personal in LastPass, I install the browser plug-in on all of my laptops and VM’s.
  • xMarks – Bookmarks synchronization, installed on all of my laptops and VM’s.

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