Citrix ShareFile + Podio = ?

Yesterday Citrix announced their acquisition of Podio…and a little piece of Sharepoint died. Thank you Citrix, now I’m curious as to your vision of the future. My take on this, integrate Podio for team workspaces, Sharefile for follow-me-data, and Receiver to wrap it all up and provide rich desktops, applications, and data to any platform.

From what I can tell Podio has a team or personal workspace for just about anything you can think of, and if they’ve haven’t already created a template you can build your own “app”. Create your own team site to manage documents, tasks, people, lists, etc.  Complete with activity streams to see what is changing and being updated. Noticeably absent is any integration with Exchange (although it does have connectors for Outlook) or integration into displaying reporting data from external data sources. So at first glance it looks shiny and pretty, but when you think about how you want things to work, it’s about integration when we’re creating rich data like time entry, calendaring, tasks, etc…and so I’m left wanting.

Podio seems to be a significant departure from anything else Citrix has today, I’m curious to see where the first work is done, my guess is integrating ShareFile and hopefully a tie in directly to Citrix Receiver. But beyond that, will Citrix develop this into a Sharepoint competitor? My gut tells me no, so what then? Maybe lose all the little apps and focus on fully developed point solutions for my problems then? An acquisition from Citrix just to solve my problems, sounds reasonable, so here’s my list Citrix Santa. My previous wish list posted here.

I use Google Docs for collaboration on documents, Evernote for note taking, ShareFile/Dropbox,Box,SugarSync for FMD, CrashPlan for data backup, WordPress for blogging…combine that into one app and I’m all in…you own all my data. Rather than a Podio which can do anything but nothing can you just create a point solution which easily does this across any device? Simplicity, it worked for Apple.


3 thoughts on “Citrix ShareFile + Podio = ?

  1. Already has Box and Dropbox support, so I’d expect ShareFile to come soon. Google Docs integration already exists. Also has Facebook support. HTML5 Receiver, perhaps? Nothing talked about yet, but it would be an interesting tie-in.

    Podio already has iOS and Android mobile apps, plus the web experience is pretty rich. Its like a blend of Facebook/Twitter/Yammer with the notion of customization through apps to meet almost any kind of workflow.

    I’d expect some quick changes in a few directions as the immediate goal in supporting “the Citrix vision”, but not sure what to expect yet.

    Nota Bene: I work for Citrix. The above are my thoughts. So far we’ve been given access to start “playing”, but nothing else. The team will be demoing the platform at Synergy, so take a peek.

  2. HTML5 receiver tie-in within full receiver? Google docs integration isn’t what I want, I want Google Docs, not just the data. Instead of a rich text box, I want Google Docs, simultaneous editing, etc.

    1. If you want Google docs then use Goggle docs? 🙂

      I hope they don’t get rid of the user-apps component -this is one aspect that I’ve made use of already (in the few days I’ve been using the platform) as it allows you to tweak the functionality so the “app” does exactly what you require of it.

      The site is really just a big relational database with a nice front end and some role-based access control against workspaces and organisations. “Apps” are really just ways of manipulating different data types in your slice of the database.

      I’m sure access to Sharefile data will be the first addition although given Podio allows you to email and upload docs to your workspaces there is quite a bit of duplication already.

      I tried the Android app, but was quite disappointed as it only really offers some basic notification and task tracking features.

      So, an interesting move by Citrix (panicked by the slew of VMWare acquisitions in the web-apps space I wonder?)

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