Change default icon for published XenApp desktop

If you are publishing both XenApp desktops and XenDesktop Windows 7 desktops you may want to have the same icon for your XenApp published desktop as the default icon you have for Windows 7 desktops.

If you do follow these steps:

  1. go to your Citrix Delivery Controller and navigate to C:\Program Files\Citrix\Desktop Studio
  2. copy the console.ico file to your XenApp Controller server
  3. login to Citrix AppCenter on the XenApp Controller
  4. select the published desktop
  5. right click on it, select application properties
  6. select shortcut presentation, select change icon, browse for the console.ico file you just copied
  7. select OK

That’s it! Now all of your “Desktops” look the same.


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