VMworld 2012 – Sunday’s sober thoughts

I’ve arrived in San Francisco for VMworld 2012, apparently a day later than many who are already here and attending HOL’s and sightseeing in the city, but I’m here now and I’m excited to spend a week neck deep in technology. I’m aware of a few upcoming announcements that VMware will be making this week and I’m hoping for a few more that might surprise me, especially if they relate to VMware View and EUC. The integration of Wanova into the VMware View product line is of my highest interest right now, physical pc management, great to see that VMware gets it…these things aren’t going away! I’m also interested to hear from customers attending how they will receive some of the changes that VMware is preparing to announce this week.

My schedule for tomorrow is completely biased with only End-User Computing (EUC) sessions, posted below. I’m also doing a quick interview with Colin at TechTarget in the morning before my 11AM session.


  • EUC1190 – VMware View 5.1 Reference Architecture
  • EUC2792 – VMware View 5.1 Security Deep Dive
  • EUC2005 – Troubleshooting VMware View: Looking under the Hood
  • EUC1363 – Centralized Management with Local Execution: A Cost-effective Solution for Physical and Virtual Desktops with Mirage

Shortly I plan to go and register and pick up my Blogger pass for the conference (exciting). Tonight I’ll be at the Welcome Reception and then later at vmunderground. I hope to see a few people I know. If you’re looking for me I recently added a beard to my face, check my twitter profile for an updated picture. I’ve also got a GroupMe group going (VMworld Hijinks) if you want to be in the loop as to where myself and a bunch of others are, add yourself or tweet me your phone number and I’ll add you to the list, be warned…it will kill your phone battery fairly quickly after 8PM every night 😉


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