More articles on Citrix RemotePC

I’m a huge fan of RemotePC, not because it’s a Citrix product (some people think I’m biased…I’m pro-solution!) but because it is an extremely easy to implement technology that enables mobility without a major investment or architecture change to desktop/application delivery tools. I’ve written about this previously on What Would Dan Do. You don’t even need a Microsoft VDA license, which can be a huge barrier to companies implementing VDI as your just accessing your already licensed PC!

If you already have Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 Feature Pack 1 in your environment the only additional things you need to do are configure the RemotePC service via the configuration file and deploy the 5.6 FP1 VDA to a physical desktop in your environment. This gives you business control of who/when/what your users connect to and you can use technologies like SmartAccess to provide further granularity to the virtual channels you allow for your users accessing onsite or remotely based on conditions detected during an endpoint scan. It’s a corporate managed GotoMyPC with much more control for the enterprise market.

RemotePC articles on Citrix’s site:


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