Dealing with Information Overload

People who have made their career on technology know that trends, patterns, and best practices change nearly daily. My career is focused on virtualization and more specifically desktop virtualization techologies. But of course it’s technology so it can’t be just RDSH or VDI, nope it’s expanding to follow-me data solutions like Citrix ShareFile and VMware’s upcoming Horizon Data solutions. Add in Mobile Application Management (MAM) and to a lesser extent Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions that are quickly becoming core to Citrix and VMware’s solution stack.

There’s no sitting on the sideline, all you can do if you intend to play in this space is to go all in. In order to do this and stay on top of all the changes I rely on my network and tools. In my daily life these are the tools (listed below) that I use to stay on top of the changing technologies I pay attention to and aggregate quickly to information that I find useful.

  • Twitter – by far the best application in my arsenal, I even wrote a blog post on The Impact of Twitter in My Life, Twitter isn’t Facebook, if it feels like it is you’re using it wrong
  • Reeder – aggregation of ~750-1000 posts a day that I peruse through
  • Pocket – anything I find interesting in Twitter or Reeder I save to read later in Pocket

From Pocket the items I find most interesting I put into a Word document (currently in SkyDrive because ShareFile doesn’t preview the file) that I share with everyone…it’s that Virtualization Resources link in the menu on my blog. I’m about 3 months behind updating that Word doc…but it will get done.

Often at the end of a meeting with a customer I get the comment…”Wow”. Yeah it’s not an accident I know a lot about this stuff, I spend a lot of time, energy, and rely on tools to be the absolute best I can be.

Good luck all…write some more blog posts for me to pocket and add to my Virtualization Resources document.


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