How to email attachments directly to ShareFile

I learned something about ShareFile last week (thanks Ben Pauley!) that I did not know prior to coming to Citrix ShareFile and did not know this feature existed until a customer asked about it.

In order to email attachments directly to a ShareFile folder perform the following:

  1. Go to the folder on the ShareFile website that you want to email attachments to and select Request Files
  2. Select Give me a link I can copy and send using my own email software (optionally select the checkbox if you want to be notified when files are uploaded)
  3. DO NOT CHECK THE BOX FOR Require recipients to enter name and email before uploading (helps with tracking)
  4. Select the Request Files button
  5. You will then receive a URL, copy the last part of the URL (Example, copy the item highlighted to your clipboard:
  6. Open your email client and paste this content from the URL and append with (Example:
  7. Hit send!

Here is a video posted by ShareFile showing this process if that is more your style – YouTube video: Send Email Attachments Directly to ShareFile


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