My next tablet and/or laptop

I’m getting ready to make some new technology purchases and I thought I would share a little bit about what I’m looking at, what I’m leaning towards, and what hasn’t made the cut. If I buy a new tablet it MUST support LTE. For an ultrabook LTE is not a requirement. If it’s meant to fill both roles such as the Surface Pro 2 or Lenovo Helix then it must have LTE to make the cut.

First my current devices:

  • Nexus 7 Gen1
  • iPhone 5 Verizon
  • iPad Gen3 LTE Verizon
  • MacBook Pro 15″ mid-2010
  • MacBook Air 13″ mid-2011

Devices I’m considering:

  • Nexus 7 Gen2 LTE Verizon
  • iPad Mini Retina (provided it is released) LTE Verizon
  • Surface Pro 2 – Removed due to lack of LTE availability and price
  • 13″ or smaller Windows 8 laptop w/Haswell

So, what are your thoughts? Any Windows 8 laptops that you think I should be looking at? I’ve been looking mostly at Samsung, Asus and Lenovo Windows 8 laptops and I’m hoping for a flurry of updates and announcements when Windows 8.1 releases. I nearly bought a Lenovo Helix earlier this year, but the release date kept pushing out and finally I decided to just wait for Haswell chips to land…little did I know I’d still be waiting 6 months later.

So here’s my shortlist of Windows 8 devices:

  • Lenovo Helix (provided it’s updated to Haswell and adds LTE)
  • Lenovo Yoga (needs update to Haswell)
  • Lenovo Carbon
  • Samsung ATIV Book 9
  • Asus ZENBOOK

I know you might say I’m an Apple fanboy and you’re probably correct, but it’s more about the fact that all of my apps and most importantly video streaming to my televisions at home is built around this platform (Air Video running on MacBook Pro doing all my realtime transcoding to all my mobile devices, local and remote). The hackability and control of Android is what draws me in to that platform but I don’t really know that I want to spend time tinkering in the time that I don’t have. Maybe I should just buy another MacBook Air/Pro/Retina and boot camp it?


2 thoughts on “My next tablet and/or laptop

  1. 15″ MBP Retina … you just can go wrong and for me, it’s perfect. I was a devout Windows laptop guy for a long time, now I’ve crossed over to OSX and I love it. Some might say that it’s my Unix backgound that makes it a no brainer, but honestly its that fact that it just works, and works soooo well. Fast, light, & battery life aint bad either. And then there’s the screen. Wow. I recently had to use a regular laptop as the MBP was out of action (MBP + San Pelligrino is not a good combination apparently) and it was just so painful on the eyes. ALl this means you can almost ignore the price tag. I have a 15″ 2012 model, and rumour has it that the 2013 editon with Haswell chips are just around the corner. Probably hold out for those.

    And for the record, I’m no Apple fanboi … I used to have an iPhone but went for a Samsung S3 … love it. I look at iPhones and their tiny screens now and think … I used to live with *that* ?!

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