Citrix ShareFile Windows & Mac OS X client logs

When troubleshooting Citrix ShareFile client issues on Windows or OS X clients you will likely be asked to provide logs from the affected client(s). Below is a listing of the location(s) of these log files.


  • %temp%\ShareFile

Windows configured for On-Demand Sync in a virtual desktop environment

  • %systemroot%\Temp\ShareFile
  • %temp%\ShareFile

Outlook plug-in

  • %AppData%\Roaming\ShareFile\Outlook – You can send this log from Outlook by selecting Plug-in Options and clicking the Support button in the lower lefthand corner. This will automatically place the log.txt file from the log directory into an email to ShareFile support along with information about the version of Outlook, .NET, Operating system, etc.

Mac OS X

  • ~/Library/Logs/ShareFile/SyncEngine – You can view these logs by launching Console (Applications > Utilities > Console, then expand ShareFile > SyncEngine)

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